Rockstar Learning

Proof-of-Concept Model


Whether you’re looking to buy your very first LMS, LXP, or digital learning platform, or are a seasoned veteran whose needs for digital and online learning have shifted or expanded, this workshop will help you:

  • Assemble Your Team
  • Create Your Vision
  • Build a Compelling Business Case for a Learning Platform Initiative
  • Plan and Execute Your Learning Platform Proof-of-Concept
  • Present Your Findings with Actual Results

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Don’t Just Build Your Business Case. Prove It!

A compelling business case is not a document, or, at least, not just a document. A compelling business case is a vision, coupled with evidence that provides strong indicators of success. 

The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept ModelTM Team Workshop, created by eLearning Brothers’ Chief Product Officer, Dr. Christian J. Weibell, and accomplished entrepreneur and Rockstar Learning Evangelist, Jon Tota, will not only help you convince decision-makers to sponsor your project and allocate budget but will also provide evidence—and give you and your team confidence—that what you’re planning to do will actually work! 

Working through this process, together with your team, will enable you to demonstrate your expected return on investment (ROI)—not just hypothetically, but with actual results. The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept ModelTM Team Workshop will help you go deep enough and sharpen your focus enough to see some of the critical things you need to experience BEFORE you make a purchase. 

It will also enable you to avoid common traps and pitfalls, identify and mitigate risks and issues prior to implementation, and take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked.


For First-Time Buyers

With the mass and sudden, transformation to working from home during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, demand for, and sales of, LMS, LXP, and other digital and online learning platforms has begun to increase sharply with vendors reporting significant gains in new sales over previous years. 

But many of these new buyers are venturing into the learning platform world for the very first time and have little to no background for conceptualizing how to envision, plan for, select, validate, implement, and make optimal use of this new technology. 

The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept ModelTM Team Workshop will help you look beyond your immediate team, group, or business unit to see who else in your organization might benefit from a learning platform and find out what use cases are important to them.

You might be looking for a solution to deliver new hire, safety, compliance, and regulatory training, but don’t stop there. How about channel partner training, culture development, and new product training? Customer training is another often overlooked area.

Don’t stop with, “I need an LMS to deliver HR compliance and skills training,” or even with, “…to provide certification for employees,” but also think about how you can empower your workforce with opportunities for professional development and individual growth.

Don’t just satisfy the need for compliance and skills training—fuel the passion for learning so you can engage your employees, retain top talent, and maximize their potential.

The Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept ModelTM Team Workshop will help you create a vision of what digital learning looks like in your organization 5-10 years from now, and make sure you're thinking about how the investment you make today can grow with you over time.


For Seasoned Veterans

The landscape of, and demand for, digital and online learning are also changing very rapidly, and needs are shifting and expanding beyond simple delivery and tracking of compliance or regulatory training and broadening with requirements to:

  1. facilitate virtual onboarding of new employees
  2. provide new and ongoing skills development for your workforce
  3. deliver interest and skills-based pre-assessments with automatic assignment of learning paths based on results
  4. incorporate and track participation in virtual instructor-led training
  5. provide opportunities for self-directed learning, individual growth, and professional development
  6. find ways to move knowledge more quickly within your organization from those who have it to those who need it

For these cases, the Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept ModelTM Team Workshop will enable you to explore and demonstrate the possibility and feasibility of new learning initiatives and technology blends in your organization, such as integrating a greater variety of learning paradigms and modalities in conjunction with your existing LMS like game-based learning, project-based learning, personalized learning paths, immersive learning environments, and virtual reality.


For any LMS, LXP, or Digital and Online Learning Platform 

Today, eLearning Brothers incorporates this model into how we do business and provides it as part of our standard service package for prospective and new Rockstar Learning Platformcustomers. 

But the Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept Model Team Workshop is not limited to any specific learning platform technology or vendor and can even be used by those who already have an LMS, LXP, or digital and online learning platform in place and are looking for ways to better leverage its value, change their learning paradigm, or innovate beyond existing models and practice for learning and development or skills training.

Regardless of which LMS or LXP product you are considering or currently using, the Rockstar Learning Proof-of-Concept Model Team Workshop will help you assemble your team, create your vision, build a compelling business case, plan and execute your learning platform proof-of-concept, and then present your findings with actual results.

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